Rick is an executive-level visionary, strategist, innovator and team leader specializing in transformational programs for businesses, non-profits and start-ups. His latest initiative is Life Reimagined.

He has an extensive background in strategic planning, creative development, branding, team building and execution.

He loves the challenge of helping organizations adapt to complex and fast-changing external realities with powerful programs that drive engagement, relevance, reach and financial growth.

A senior executive who combines a strong writing background with innovative thinking and keen business acumen, he inspires teams to achieve results and seize on new opportunities.

Develops highly effective strategic plans that connect core organizational goals with evolving consumer needs and clear market opportunities.

Blends clear, concise and compelling strategic writing with simple and powerful graphic images to produce effective documents that lay out opportunities, goals and tactics. Leads colleagues in highly effective strategic planning sessions that combine blue-sky brain-storming, future scenario planning, concept crystallization and focused goal setting. Operates with the knowledge that it all begins with a clear and concise strategic plan.

Forms, inspires and leads highly-focused teams that drive desired results and seize new opportunities.

Provides the organizational glue for creative development, continuous learning, effective collaboration and solid execution across disciplines, divisions and departments. Works across disciplines to form unified teams of highly creative professionals, including writers, editors, photographers, video producers, digital developers and social media marketers Understands that unified team dynamics delivers powerful results.

Magnifies and enriches the best ideas to generate cutting edge products, services and experiences for consumers.

Engages internal and external innovators and thought leaders to innovate solutions that achieve consumer relevance and financial growth. Promotes a zeitgeist of curiosity and innovation while encouraging team members to take risks, always rewarding and empowering team members for showing continual focused creativity.

Embraces a set of core concepts for focused creativity:

  • Make it simple, elegant and fast.
  • Let the consumer be the guide.
  • Constantly innovate, improve and evolve.
  • Learn from set backs.

Taps the power of social media, traditional media and face-to-face events to forge powerful multi-platform products that engage consumers, enrich brand loyalty, extend global reach and increase revenues. Focuses on emerging media models such as mobile, interactive TV and the increasingly important interplay between digital and face-to-face.

Places the person in the center of media products, capturing the human experience to inspire, inform and motivate.

Leverages the power of the well-told story to drive consumer engagement, participation and connection.

Captures authentic stories with powerful emotion that resonate with mass audiences. Tells stories through high-quality video, audio and written formats to extend impact. Drives user-generated stories through social media to keep the consumer in the center of the effort.

Rick’s passion for storytelling has led to two award-winning non-fiction books. Spies of Mississippi is the story of spies formed to undercut the civil rights movement in the 1950s and ‘60s. Superman vs. the Ku Klux Klan captures the true story of how the Man of Steel was used as a weapon against the men of hate in a trail-blazing radio series in 1946. Rick is the recipient of several prestigious book awards from the American Library Association and others.

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Rick has won dozens of awards across multiple disciplines,
including journalism, web development, marketing and more.
The following is a small sample.


Save Our History: Voices of Civil Rights Documentary


Voices of Civil Rights Bus Tour


Save Our History: Voices of Civil Rights

American Library Association

Spies of Mississippi
Young Adult Non Fiction

Center for Children Books | University of Illinois

Spies of Mississippi
Author of Distinction

AARP | Washington, D.C. | 2000-Present

Vice President, Life Reimagined Content & Tools Strategy

AARP | Washington, D.C. | 2000-PresentVice President, Life Reimagined Content & Tools Strategy Played a key role in developing the vision, strategy, and implementation plan for a multifaceted transformational program titled 'Life Reimagined.' The project is focused on helping people find "what's next" and moving toward their best life. Life Reimagined combines the power of social media with the personal appeal of live events to deeply engage millions of people. The platform features highly compelling content, interactive tools, and vibrant communities. The experience begins at lifereimagined.org.

Conceived and developed game-changing branding programs, communications initiatives and marketing campaigns for the nearly 40-million-member association of Americans age 50 and up. Launched new print publications and web sites, negotiated book, television and DVD deals and developed multi-media programs across print, web, television and radio platforms. Continually renewed the organization with fresh ideas, solid business plans and careful follow through. Managed staff and significant resources.

ThirdAge Media | San Francisco CA | 1997-2000

Executive Editor

Founding editor of this web-based media company targeting baby boomers. Developed plans for editorial and interactive content across www.thirdage.com, managed a staff of writers, editors, programmers and producers and forged vital relationships with traditional and web-based media companies. Helped to grow the company from a five-person start-up to a significant player in the online field. Innovator and team player.

Maturity News Service (AARP) | Washington, D.C. | 1987-1997

Managing Editor

Founding editor of this AARP-funded syndicated news service targeting 50-plus newspaper readers. Built the operation from a fledgling wire service to a sophisticated news and feature operation serving more than 180 newspapers via the Universal Press Syndicate. Managed staff and resources, forged powerful partnerships and introduced a steady stream of cutting-edge concepts and projects.

The Miami Herald/States News | Washington, D.C. & Miami FL | 1984-1987


Covered breaking news and wrote stylish features for this highly respected South Florida daily. Assignments ranged from covering municipal government in the Miami suburbs to Congressional hearings and Supreme Court rulings in the nation's capital.

Time, Inc | New York, NY | 1983-1984


Reported and wrote news and feature articles for the company's in-house newsletter. Gained important insights into the workings of this legendary media giant. Also worked as a contributing reporter to the New York bureau of Time magazine, contributing to numerous articles in the magazine.

The Patriot Ledger | Quincy MA | 1981-1983


Reported and wrote breaking news and compelling features, focusing on the communities south of Boston.